Gaming experience matters. eSports us Massive, Booming, and enchanting Marketing Opportunity. This isn’t new news but for most Brands, Gaming is relatively uncharted territory.

About us


TheProNoobS is a Full-Service Marketing Agency that connects Brands and Publishers with Global Gaming Communities through Significant-Impact Campaigns, Events, Team Sponsorship, and actuating Influencers.

Unique and Unrivalled

We know this space inside and out, so we understand what works and what doesn’t. With a flexible approach, we can appeal to specific demographics by adjusting the voice and tone, all of which we are fully equipped and experienced to do.

Dedicated & Experienced

Gaming and esports can be an unforgiving place if you don’t know what you’re doing. We ensure your entry to the space is as genuine and authentic as possible, making sure your brand resonates with the community and target audience.

Tried & Tested

We tailor strategies specifically for your target audience, our proposals differ entirely from one project to the next - totally dependant on what each brand is trying to achieve within the esports space.

Group Resources

Digitanomics Inc., our parent company are specialists in Influencer Marketing and Owned Media. We operate from the same office, allowing all resources to be shared, maximizing the quality of service we provide.

Influencer Relations

We have access to Most of the pro players and gaming influencers. Allowing us to build personal relationships with some of the largest influencers, dealing with individuals directly on a daily basis, which enables a quick turn-around on projects.

Owned Social Media

Our partnered companies own and manages over 50 Instagram pages in the gaming and sport sector, allowing us to amplify your branded content to an audience of 50,000,000 on a monthly basis.